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Chocolate Bunny

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Our Solid Chocolate Bunny stands 5" tall, weighing in at a quarter pound or so of solid Belgian Chocolate. He is our only bunny that we have that will travel.

All our novelties are wrapped in clear cellophane bags, ribboned in various holiday colors.

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Professional Photography by Evanston Photographic Studio
Take a peek into our kitchen with NBC 5 Chicago’s Steve Dolinsky!

Our Belgian-trained Master Chocolatier creates true Belgian-style Chocolates and Novelties naturally, without any preservatives or stabilizers ever.

WARM WEATHER SHIPPING! Shipping to or from areas with temperatures over 65 degrees requires the purchase of an Insulated Container and Ice Packs, and shipping time not to exceed 2 days to protect your gift. Our chocolates are made without any preservatives or stabilizers, and they will be pure liquid at 80 degrees F.

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