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“In business for 30 years, Bob Piron hasn’t stayed at the top of the chocolate heap by cutting corners. He trained in Belgium and continues to make exquisite small-batch chocolate. Any doubts, just take a deep breath when you walk into the store and let the aroma sweep you away to a very happy place. To further the bliss, order a hot chocolate. It’s drinkable chocolate ganache, served with fresh whipped cream.”

The Michelin Guide 2013

“This decadent den features a variety of handmade chocolates and gift items, and also brings some of the richest Belgian chocolates to Evanston.”

– “Let’s cut to the chase… there is not a better chocolate shop anywhere than The Belgian Chocolatier Piron.  Nope, not even in Belgium (from whence the shop owners hail).  They are not cheap, but they shouldn’t be.  The chocolates are handmade, incredibly fresh and AMAZING!  Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to chocolate selection, but having tried everything they make in this shop, I can assure you that you will pick a winner every time.  The owners and their staff are always friendly, helpful and considerate.  They take the time to ask if the chocolates are a gift, being transported via air, etc. and package accordingly.  This shop is a treasure.”

– Shahna R., yelp directory

– “I’ve been to Belgium and I’ve been to the Belgian Chocolatier and the Belgian Chocolatier is better.  Yeah, I said it…”

– Erica L., Citysearch

– “I’ve been shopping here since the late 1980’s and for good reason – the quality of chocolates are exceptional.  They have added a number of new products but I always end up getting an assortment of my long time favorites.

Granted the prices have increased over the years but I take solace in two facts – you are getting a first rate product and if you compare their prices to competitors of similar quality, they are actually a bargain.  Their chocolates are always perfect for a gift but better if you just buy them for yourself – an amazing self-indulgence.”

– Jim B., yelp directory

– “Oh my gosh, my favorite Chocolatier EVER!!!  I do not usually like filled chocolates, especially when they are filled with raspberry cream.  Piron completely changed my opinions about chocolates.  Never again will I buy a cheap box of chocolates.  Thank you Piron for BLOWIN’ my mind.

– Jennifer Z., yelp directory

– “The Best and Most Delicious Chocolates in Chicago – You will love the location in Evanston’s quiet neighborhood, tucked away like a gem waiting to be found, you can’t stop going back.  Their variety in milk and various grades of dark chocolate is incredible.  The shop is cozy, the people very friendly and courteous and the selections wonderful.  Everything is delicious because I have tried everything.  Don’t pass this place for any reason.”

– Jaycardinal, Citysearch

Holiday Gift Guide feature
Chicago Reader, December 2007

“The minute you walk into this charming small European-style shop, the aroma of fresh chocolate wafting from the kitchen in back beckons you to ogle the beautiful assortments of chocolates stacked neatly on small gold-ruffled trays displayed in two cases. …There are beautiful marbleized Fruits de Mer in the shape of sea shells, prawns, and escargot filled with a divine chocolate hazelnut praline. The Paté de Noisette are exquisite — chocolate diamonds filled with a blend of milk chocolate and hazelnut praline laced with diced pecans. Insanely good chocolate Marzipan rectangles — so hard to find — are decorated with fine white stripes. Unsweetened cocoa dusts the very popular truffle made with a milk chocolate cream center dipped in semisweet chocolate. A perfect chocolate rosette coiffs the Grand Marnier semisweet chocolate cup.”
– Savoring Chicago, February 2005

“Pure, unmarred and sleek. Each piece is as unique and handmade as the last. There are no bright colors. No ostentatious graphics. No artificial anything.”
– “Robert Piron: This man knows his chocolate,” Medill Reports (Northwestern University), November 2009

“Eating a Piron Mokka Manon sends a bulletin to a part of the brain that is not normally awake. It kind of feels like holding hands with your high school sweetheart.
– “Sweet Indulgences: Former desk jockey molds new career as creator of gourmet Belgian chocolates,” Evanston Review, June 26, 2008

“Best Chocolate Fix”
– Chicago Magazine, August 1999

“These are absolutely the most delicious chocolates I have ever had!

I stopped by to grab a few gifts after hearing rave reviews about Piron.  When I walked in, I was so pleased that the store just smells like ral chocolate.  The fron tof the store is small, with just the display cases of chocolates, toffees, and barks, but you can see an expansive kitchen in back where they make everything.

On a whim, I decided to grab some chocolate, toffee, and bark for myself.  I’m usually not a huge fan of chocolates, because they sometimes have a strange aftertaste.  But thse chocolates were incredible.  The only way to describe them is REAL chocolate, with delicious, flavorful fillings/ganaches/etc.  The English toffee was perfect, and the dark chocolate-almond-cherry bark was incredible.”

– Angelica B., yelp directory

“What I really like about this place (aside from the delicious chocolates!), was the fantastic service provided. One of the ladies behind the counter asked if I had ever been in the shop before, and when I admitted no, she explained a little bit about the owner and his experience w/ creating the sweets. Not in a pretentious way, though. She was very knowledgable about the selection, and patient, to boot!”
– Anne K., yelp directory

“This unassuming little shop in Evanston is a Chicagoland gem. Here you will find chocolate that surpasses any chain any day.”
– Christine Z., Insider Pages

“Oh my gosh, my favorite Chocolatier EVER!!!  I do not usually like filled chocolates, especially when they are filled with raspberry cream.  Piron completely changed by opinions about chocolates.  Never again will I buy a cheap box of chocolates.  Thank you Piron for BLOWIN’ my mind.”

– Jennifer Z., yelp directory

“I love chocolate. This is perhaps the best chocolate I have ever eaten. No kidding.”
– Steve Rashid

The next best thing to love….”
– Crain’s Chicago Business, February 12, 1990

Belgian Chocolate

You get sumptuous gourmet chocolate with every bite of
Piron Chocolates. We never, ever use any preservatives,
stabilizers, extenders or tropical fats. Try our
specialty chocolate for yourself today.

“Fabulous chocolate. The dark chocolates have all of the flavor without the bitterness. There is a lot to choose from, and each piece looks divine. I can’t wait to go back! They also offer a sugar free selection that looks tempting.”
– Ashley H. yelp directory

Forget Godiva, the chocolates I tried from Piron were just fantastic.”
– Sweet Willie, FlyerTalk Forums

“This small chocolatier has drawn the faithful to its Evanston locale for many years. With stark, white walls and a few sparsely scattered chairs, owner BobPiron keeps the emphasis where any true chocoholic would want it — on two large glass cases with dozens of handmade delicacies.”
Citysearch review

Best Chocolate in Chicago: This shop is a real treasure. In a world of everything being the same, Piron is a craftsman of the highest order.”
– tombuckob2, Yahoo! Local

“Half moons of dark chocolate cover a dried apricot and blanket an orange peel. Behind the scenes — all the candies are made on the premises: chocolate cascades from the enrober, molds of various forms–squirrels, rabbits, swans, sleighs, eggs and Santa’s — line shelves. The cooler — ah, the cooler — is filled with trays of the fresh delicacies. And if the chocolates aren’t delicious and beautiful enough, the Piron gold-box packaging will more than please.”
– “Belgian Chocolatier Piron: The best Belgian Chocolate is as close as Evanston,”, July 2009

“The Pirons are still avidly traditional about the ingredients of their chocolate.They import all non-dairy products from the old country and stick with classic Swiss-inspired and true-Belgian recipes, as well as a few newbies of their own. The chocolates glisten in two cases on gold-colored trays that look like they would be found on the nightstand of a king.”
Centerstage, Chicago’s Original City Guide

Windmolen St. Pauwels

The Belgian countryside is filled with picturesque scenes
like this windmill. We’re proud of our ancestral home and
visit family and friends there whenever we can. Come by our
shop for a taste of European charm from the home of
world-class chocolate.

Belgian Chocolatier Piron is a premier chocolate shop located in Evanston, Illinois, with shipping available throughout the United States.


  • Monday through Friday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Saturdays: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Sundays: closed



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