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Orders placed on February 13th may not make it by tomorrow!  We will get them out as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee same day shipment, especially today!

Chocolate melts!  Our chocolates do not include any preservatives or stabilizers, they will be liquid at 80 degrees F.  It is important to take extra shipping precautions during this time, which includes choosing a shipping service that takes 2 days or less to arrive at it’s destination.  The ice packs will last up to a maximum of 2 days in transit.

If you are shipping multiple items to a single address, please call us at 847-864-5504 or email us at to insure you are provided the most effective and cost-efficient shipping container and rates.

Velvet Valentine Heart Box - Medium


Velvet Valentine Heart Box - Medium 612

Gentle tulle encircles our traditional velvet heart box, filled with a 7 oz. assortment of our signature chocolates. Pure love!

Velvet Valentine Heart Box - Medium

Best Handmade Belgian Chocolates made fresh in north suburban Chicago since 1983. Truffles, Gift Boxes, Weddings, Favors, Custom and Corporate Gifts in Evanston, Illinois. Chicago's Best Chocolate!