Nut Barks & Crisped Rice Bars

Our Nut Barks and Crisped Rice Bars are pure elegance.

We start with loads of perfectly roasted nuts, which are then completely encased in luscious Belgian Chocolate.

Our Nut Barks are available with Almonds, Macadamia, Cashew, Pecan, Tart Cherries, and a beautifully balanced bark made with Tart Cherries and Almond combined.

For the “not so nuts”  we have Crisped Rice Bark.  Perfectly crisped rice, encased in our Belgian Chocolate.

So simple, yet so very divine!!


White Chocolate Nut Barks
Delicious White Chocolate Nut Barks
Cashew Bark
Cashew Nut Bark


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