Nut Barks, Solids, Toffee & Fruit

Cashew Bark

Cashew Nut Bark

Nut & Fruit Barks, Solids, Candied Fruit

Our Nut Barks are pure simple perfection. Made with a blend of our superb imported Belgian Chocolate and freshly roasted nuts. We add more nuts to our Bark than most.

We also offer a beautiful creation of tart cherries in semi-sweet chocolate, as well as a version blended with freshly roasted almonds. Dark Chocolate dipped Candied Orange Peel, Glaceed Apricots and Candied Ginger are fantastic.   Dairy-free, gluten free, vegan!

The Solids are nothing but the best, pure solid Belgian Chocolate molded in floral decorated squares. Our semi-sweet chocolate is dairy free, and all our barks are gluten free

Nut Bark Assortment
Pecan Bark
Almond Bark
Crisped Rice
Tart Cherry and Almond Bark
Tart Cherry Bark
Solid Belgian Chocolate Squares
English Toffee

Candied Fruit Assortment
Glaceed Apricots
Glaceed Australian Apricots hand dipped in Belgian chocolate!
Glacéed Pineapple
Glaceed Pineapple

Candied Ginger
Candied Ginger
Candied Orange Peel
Candied Orange Peel

Belgian Chocolatier Piron is a boutique artisanal chocolate shop located in Evanston, Illinois, with shipping available throughout the United States.

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